Comments for Nipmuc Language Preservation, David White

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This piece belongs to the series "We Shall Remain"

Produced by Arun Rath

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Summary: David White balances his day job as a Massachusetts electrician with his single-handed mission to save the Nipmuc language unused for 100 years but preserved in part by white colonists. Producer: Arun Rath Corresponds with PBS We Shall Remain episode: After the Mayflower that airs on April 13th.

Simple, informative, and more

I could say that this piece is simple and informative––and stop there. It is more than that, however, because its simplicity masks a more significant accomplishment. As David White shares his experiences learning and teaching the Nipmuc language, Arun Rath demonstrates that Native America is not an artifact from the past, but a living growing part of America. Informed, conscientious productions like this have the potential to change popular narrative in a powerful way. Get this baby on the air!