Comments for Growing the Green Collar Economy

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Produced by Gregg McVicar, Matthew Fidler, and Michael Schwartz

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Summary: A one hour interview with Majora Carter and Van Jones.

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Timely and inspiring

The intro to this piece was especially well delivered. The "needs of larger society" really leaves the listener with an impression of the topic of the hour. This interview with Marjora Carater is really excellent: she is likable, funny, gives excellent examples, and steps back to look at the big picture.

I didn't catch the host's name until minute 29 - it sounds like an impeccable impression of Dick Gordon, host of The Story from American Public Media, who I love as an interviewer.

I liked the questions that inquired the inner motivations of the green movement - not just restoring the environment, but restoring people, too.

excellent subject, loveable personalities

Excellent subject, loveable personalities, good questions, very intelligent. The host's laughter can be awkward. A very good listen, nevertheless.