Comments for How the West was Won

Caption: Grampa appreciating, Credit: Probably my Grandmother

Produced by Lacy Roberts

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Summary: A girl who is really, really proud to be from Montana

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Review of How the West Was Won

This is one of my absolute favorite youth radio pieces! It takes some really great twists and turns. Some technical aspects which stand out: great use of sound and music (the call with grandpa was really well integrated into the piece especially) and Lacy's voice was very engaging throughout the entire story. It might have to get cut a little at points to be played, (maybe start with some of the longer music portions.) but that 14 minutes still went by amazingly fast, and kept my attention riveted the entire time.

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Love Lacy and Her Grampa

I've listened to this piece three times and just want to add to the accolades. I love the approach as and outsider/insider to the old Montana and that she waited until about 11 minutes in to take that lovely step back to talk about what it all means, "it" to include her pretty amazing grandparents and their lives. Great use of music and archive tape. Nice narration.

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Made me Reconsider My Hometown

This piece got me laughing at several points.
One of my tests for a good story is if it makes me want to share a story of my own. At the end, I wanted to write down my own memories from my hometown. So, it is effective storytelling on that point.
It is a bit long, though. About midway through my attention started to lag. The music cues are fun, but could be cut back.

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Stumbled upon it...

How wonderful!