Comments for Stop the War in Gaza: Pro-Palestine Protest Montage

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Produced by Miles Anderson, Kamaria Umi, and Roberta M. Rael

Other pieces by Marcos Martinez

Summary: KUNM Youth producer Miles Anderson gathered audio while attending a local Pro-Palestine protest in solidarity for Palestinians living in the Gaza strip.

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Review of "Stop th War in Gaze: Pro-Palestine Protest Montage"

This piece has its heart in the right place and the message is a good one. However, in between the interference and handling noise from the microphone, and the excess of interviews the piece loses its point and makes a majority of the piece sound redundant. The producers could have focused on the most interesting quotes, included the story of the women and her family who were caught in the bombing and finished with the final thoughts of people. But because the story ran for so long I found myself not listening to a majority of the interviews. I think this piece could have been more powerful with fewer people talking and the strongest interviews available.

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Review of "Stop the War in Gaza: Pro-Palestine Protest Montage"

The recent violence between Israel and Palestine has long been a hot topic of discussion. Miles Anderson has done a commendable job with this piece. The stories of the Palestinian refugees were very compelling and brought the situation in a different light. However, a stronger narration might have helped, especially in making the piece more visual. The number of interviewees was slightly confusing and made the piece unnecessarily long. By the end, I was beginning to lose focus on the piece. The piece was well written and though and is one that definitely deserves to be heard.
Adjectives: informational, real