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Summary: 14-year-old Radio Rookie Krystle Monclova has been living in a group home in Manhattan since last summer. She never expected to wind up in "the system," but when conflicts between Krystle and her mother reached a boiling point she found herself separated from her family. In her radio story, Krystle documents what life is like in the group home and how she might be able to move back to her family.

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Review of “My Not So Sweet Home”

Being separated from our parents isn’t something that most of us will ever have to think about, but for fourteen year old Krystle Monclova, it’s a daily reality. Krystle’s angst and emotion come through very well in the piece, and the vivid descriptions and strong interviews polished and gave depth to the piece. Monclova’s passionate desire to be home with her family juxtapositions with the incisive arguing amongst the family members creates a stark comparison. The piece was well produced, and the overlapping sounds were very smooth. The powerful audio and the importance of the subject make this piece one which everyone should listen to.
Adjectives: Compelling, Thoughtful, Real