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Produced by Youth Radio and Asha Richardson

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Summary: Youth Radio talked to young people of different ages about their belief in Santa Claus.

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Rerview of Believing in Santa Claus

The piece was concise and enjoyable. The interviews of the children seemed to be very candid. As someone who has personally worked with kids for video projects I know how difficult it is to get a five year old to warm up to a microphone or camera. It was really funny to hear a little girl say “well if you just use logic…” This piece took an unexpected turn and became a little sad when I heard some of the reasons why kids stopped believing in Santa Clause, but it was valuable insight. For some people, Santa Clause is a huge staple in their childhood. After all there’s always the Easter Bunny.

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Review - Believeing in Santa Claus

I wonder if people ever wonder why we believe or once used to believe in Santa Claus. Do you happen to believe in Santa Claus? Asha’s piece will completely startle your mind and make you think, “Do you believe in Santa Claus?” This piece is very unique in the way she chose to set it up. She didn’t just focus on one age group to interview rather went beyond the age groups and chose to speak to people of different ages. It brought a smile when hearing the youngest age group it reminded me of when I used to believe in Mr. Claus. I really enjoyed hearing this piece not only because it had humor in it, but as well because it took me back in time and I remembered some good memories. Asha’s voice is rich in tone, she has a unique style. Everything she talks about and the interviews I can perfectly visualize the face of the children when they were speaking to her. I wish she would of added music, at least just at the beginning to get the audience more hooked in the piece. But overall I think she did a magnificent job putting the piece together.

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YEB review of "Believing in Santa Claus"

For many children, Santa Claus is a staple in their childhood, right next to naps and cheesy Goldfish crackers. The realization that this imaginary jolly character, is well, imaginary, is always a bit difficult. Asha Richardson tackled this topic in the most endearing and heartfelt way. As one would expect, little evidence is needed to back up the believe of Old Saint Nick for younger children. After all, "No one can be coming by and just giving me presents," therefore it is reason enough for this man to exist. The piece transitions to older kids, as the rationalize their way past the old tale and recount the effects disproving Santa Claus caused. Richardson does a good job working the audio clips into piece. Richardson is obviously a very good reporter. I feel like the intro could do with clips of Christmas carols, or even ripping of gift wrap to connect the listener to the Christmas theme. And maybe an analysis of this rationalization in the narration. The piece drops off towards the end and doesn't quite wrap up the idea of believing in Santa Claus. Living in the heart of the city, with a fire escape instead of a chimney, I never believed in Santa Claus or any of the folklore that went with him. It was interesting for me to hear all these different theories, but I needed more. Just like Joshua Raifman felt, there was a piece of a puzzle missing.

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Review of "Believing in the Hairy Guy"

Very interesting piece which starts off as cute and funny delves into the belief systems of youth people today. I especially liked the girl who stopped believing in Santa Clause when she stopped believing in Jesus. When you start to consider what the person you're talking to or writing to may not be listening or responding back it can be a very jarring/awakening experience. The narrator lead the audience through each portion of the piece very well. The interviews were very candid, entertaining and enlightening. The piece as organized well, starting off light hearted with the interviews with the children and then getting into more serious points of view. Very well done.

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Review of Believing in the Hairy Guy

“Do you believe in Santa Claus?” That was the question Asha Richardson posed to six youth of various ages. The differences in ages, from young kids to 4th graders, all the way to teenagers, provided a great mix of responses. Richardson’s narration kept the piece moving well, so I couldn’t zone out. One very cool aspect of the piece was that Richardson, as well as the interviewees, alluded to Santa Claus, without saying his name. Overall, the piece was an entertaining and engaging look at what young people think about Santa, and is a good piece for around Christmastime. Younger ears be forewarned though, because this piece does question the existence of jolly old St. Nick.

Adjectives: Entertaining, funny