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Summary: In Southern California, everything depends on one thing: how long will it take to drive there? Whether it's where you work, where you eat, or where you love... This is a funny, sound-rich, first-person tale of love, dating and gridlock. It's set in LA, but people in cities everywhere will definitely relate. Especially if they're trapped in their cars when they're listening.

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Great Drivetime Piece!

Very funny, very entertaining and (sadly) very true. Play this one during p.m. drivetime, when everybody's trying to get across town to make that dinner date -- or booty call. They'll be calculating the schlep value in their heads...and it'll certainly spark a few interesting debates!

So true, so true

I love this piece.  I moved from LA to Boston over the summer, and not only did it strike a nostalgic chord for me, it had me laughing out loud at the office!   Thanks for a great piece!