Comments for Gay Fashion is the New Straight Fashion

Caption: Youth Radio's Mark Anthony Waters., Credit: Wilmer Tejada

This piece belongs to the series "Youth Radio's the Best of "What's the New What?""

Produced by Youth Radio and Mark Anthony Waters

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Summary: Youth Radio's Mark Anthony Waters used to hear straight guys in his inner-city neighborhood whisper about his style on the bus. Now, they're copying his look...

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What a gutsy piece! Mark Anthony Waters' story has a satisfying development: we get his observation, the research he did to investigate further, and his conclusion: the reaffirmation of his unapologetic individuality. It's a bite of "ghetto" (his word) culture, a personal proclamation, and a perceptive analysis of how people relate to each other. Definitely "swag".

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Review of “Gay Fashion is the New Straight Fashion”

Mark Anthony Waters does a great job explaining why he thinks gay fashion is the new straight fashion. The interviews with both his nephew and the professor from Duke provided great insight into the subject. It was obvious from the narration that Waters had done plenty of research. The script was well written, and the music was blended flawlessly. However, I wish there had been more interviews, because I really felt that two interviews didn’t do the story justice. All in all, it was a very well done piece.
Adjectives: Interesting, Fresh, Real