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This piece belongs to the series "Shortcuts"

Produced by Peter Bochan

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Summary: Barack Obama-The Campaign for President

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I'm worried

Yes, this is well mixed and sound rich. Is this the beginning of a new religion? I hear slogans; I don't hear policies. I voted for Obama over other candidates because I went to their websites and read their PLATFORMS! Obama's was unique. The emphasis wasn't on the sexy issues. He started with REAL prison reform, REAL lobbiest reform, REAL infrastruture changes that included internet and green technologies. He outlined a POSITIVE, diplomacy-based foreign policy. I heard little of that in the campaign propoganda. "Obama Girl?" That's an insult to Michelle! I worry about the cult of Obama. Let's get to work and BE the change.


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Finally proud to be American. Hope returns...

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Where is it?

Can only see opening segment. Am interested how you've *ahem* changed this one!

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Really well done!

Thanks for sharing this nicely edited piece. Mixed nicely with the right kind of music and timing.

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i want a copy 2!!!!!!
please let me know how to get one

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Obama-The Remix

Perfect. I want a copy. How can I get one? Thanks, Ed

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This piece was well crafted and orchestrated! Bravo! I will play parts of it for my students. Once again you have captured the spirit of the movement of "Change"

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Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

This is amazing! Thank you for doing what you do! Can't wait to hear more! CHANGE HAS COME!!!

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Kudos to Peter Bochan

I heard this on NPR on Jan 19th and had been looking for how to get to hear it again. Thanks to Susan in WAMU, who helped me to find it on PRX. I am also looking forward to get a copy of this on CD. Keep up the good work, Peter.

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Heard this on NPR the day before inauguration and am thankful I was able to listen again via PRX.

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A walk down memory lane

What a wonderful time capsule of the 2008 presidential election. I heard the last 20 minutes on NPR and obsessed until I could listen to the entire piece. Really beautifully compiled and edited.

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A job well done!

Thank you so very much for producing this piece. It was both entertaining and inspiring. You have done a wonderful job capturing the essence of the energy that has been stirred by Barack Obama and his campaign for the Presidency. I can only hope that the collective good feeling and hopefulness that has come about as a result of this campaign will remain with us and that the good things that we can feel are possible will be achieved. Do keep the creative juices flowing to help remind us all of the words, the images and the ideas that originally moved us and inspired us to believe, in the first place.
Keep up the good work!

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How can I hear this again?

This was a wonderful arrangment and I would love the opportunity to hear it again?! How do I find a recording or the next time it airs?

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I love this! Thank you.

When I heard this the other night on my local public radio station, I knew I had to hear it again and again. Thank you. You have put together the message and the meaning in a way that stirs my soul.

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Foreshadowing of an Exciting, Hopeful Time

A nice collection of music and words that primes the pump for a hopeful Presidency. At the start of 2009, America finds itself emotionally and financially at a very low point. It will take someone with intelligence and inspiration and energy to pull this country together and up. Obama is the man Americans chose and I think he is the right man.

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A Walk Down Short-Term Memory Lane

This is a great assemblage of some of my favorite parts of the campaign. It also gives me plenty of audio that I hadn't heard before. The production quality is top notch. I do wish there were a way to identify some of the speakers and singers (celebrities and regular folks) without interrupting the flow. That might be a good use of an accompanying multimedia player... a simple text label for the duration of each clip.

In any case, well done, and a great way to pay homage to an exciting time.