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Produced by David Jaramillo

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Summary: David Jaramillo talks to a teen mom from Santa Fe High School and hears about a typical day in her's and her child's life.

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Review of Teen Mother’s

David Jaramillo’s voice gives you a look at the life of Meyia, a teenage mom. You are sucked into world of Meyia and her infant son, with the sound of the baby crying. This powerful introduction leads into an eye-opening piece with several actualities of Meyia talking about the hardships of being a teen mom. You are brought into a sudden sense of reality as you follow Meyia during a typical day. The facts about teen pregnancy let you realize just how big a deal it really is. Solid pacing, and unobtrusive music, make this a somber piece that grabs hold of you and never lets go. This piece illustrates the hardships faced by teen mothers and should be aired around the nation.

Adjectives: serious, thought-provoking, real

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David's voicing is somber, straightforward, and engaging. It is important to hear a teen mother speaking candidly as she goes through her day. I would like to see response pieces from other areas in the country. Makes me wodner: How do other public school systems handle students with children? Is Meyia privileged to have this program, or is this the norm?

A tightly edited and written portrait, but the tone is a little PSA sounding, since there is more telling than "showing."