Comments for The Bioneers

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Produced by Dolna Smithback

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Summary: An interview with the founders of the Bioneers: Nina Simons and Kenny Ausubel.

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YEEB review of the Bioneers

I think Dolna chose a good format for this talk with the Bioneers, linking different pieces of the interview with small bits of narration. My favorite parts of the interview were when you specifically asked them for stories they were very memorable and showed some really concrete impact. The one big thing I think you left out of your piece was basic information about the Bioneers conference itself. I was left with a lot of questions: where is the conference? How often is it? Is there a website? Is there any way I could get involved? Maybe you could have faded the song down and given basic contact info at the end. Also, it would have been cool to hear your questions on tape with the Bioneers a little more: I liked the one you left in.