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Produced by Jake Warga

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Summary: He sings on busses in Montevideo, he's from Liverpool...

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Review of The Missing Beatle

This is a nice portrait of one guy who has just "had it" with the soul squelching grind of the rat-race. So, he packed it up and moved to South America, where he sings on busses and seems to have come to a peaceful place in his life because of that decision.

Warga's production of this piece is a joy to listen to. Over the course of 7 minutes we are introduced to Phil, we hear a little bit about his life and why he believes that our time on Earth is too precious to spend on a career that doesn't make you happy. Phil's Liverpool accent is a treat for American ears and his gentle songs are delivered with an intimacy and feeling that come through clearly even though he is singing on a bus.

This piece would make a nice closer or drop-in for a variety of programs. After all, a bit of perspective is something we could all use from time to time