Comments for NFCB 1st Amendment Piece..Criminalizing Youth

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Produced by Jonathan Guzman

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Summary: Jonathan Guzman of KUNM's Youth Radio produced a commentary about the Criminalization of Youth.

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Review of NFCB 1st Amendment Piece...Criminalizing Youth

Hrishikesh Deshpande
The criminalization of youth has long been an issue that has been thrown under the rug for a long time. However, Jonathan Guzman attacks the issue with a voice that both authentic and assertive. The narration is clear and the role playing of the encounter with police is unique. It goes beyond the dimensions of radio and gives you a sense of being at the scene of the confrontation. An interview of his friend’s reaction might have added a second perspective, but otherwise a fantastic piece. Jonathan’s frustration towards police officers who criminalize youth spews raw emotion. His pointed commentary forces you to take a side, not allowing for fence-sitting. His words form a finger poking you in the chest, pushing you back, and making this a piece that every public radio station should air, especially after a story about a youth who has been arrested for a crime.

Adjectives: Thought-provoking, assertive, forceful