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Produced by Abdel Mutan for Curie Youth Radio

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Summary: What one family makes for dinner when the cabinets are empty.

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Review of "My Plate Full, Your's Empty"

Abdel Mutan’s young voice is soft, yet it brings a powerful reality home to listeners. The calmness in his voice brought out the seriousness of poverty. I never thought that hunger was such a big thing in the U.S. I always assumed it to be some third world country problem. Mutan’s story made me thankful for all that I have. His emotions really come through with the piece, making his situation all the more real. The way he thanked his mom at the end was very sweet as well. All in all, a short and sweet yet eye-opening piece that everyone should hear.

Adjectives: Eye-Opening, Real

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Review of "My Plate Full, Yours Empty

This as a very interestingly produced piece. I liked how it opened with the singing and how instead of telling the story of a family going through tough times, and the parent having to sacrifice for her children. It was a interesting way of doing it, besides telling it purely as a story. I would have liked however to have heard from the family as well, from the mother especially. At least as a news piece it would have been very compelling. The narration was great though, I thought it really gave the listener an idea of what sort of life this family was living and what strides were taken to ensure that the children had food on their plate, despite their economic issues.