Comments for School Security

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Produced by Brooklyn Theatre Arts High School

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Summary: Every single one of the over 2000 students have to pass through metal detectors each morning.

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Review of School Security

Very important subject during the present time. It is obvious a lot of research and thought went into this project. A lot of angles and perspectives on school safety were given. I like that the opinions were from a wide spectrum of people, from students at the school discussed as well as from other New York high schools, teachers, parents, etc. It keeps the perspective balanced.

The linear organization was wonderful! Each sub-topic smoothly meshed into the next, this keeps the listener engaged. I may have shortened some of the responses on the final production to keep the momentum going. Making the responses tighter and perhaps shorter narrative interjections. I think if it could be shaved down to 8-9 minutes it would work really well on NPR.

I like the narration and how it guides the listener's thought process. The only thing to practice would be to sound more conversational and less like reading a script.

Overall, this is a very good piece and an excellent choice of topic.