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Produced by Ken Cormier

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Summary: The last time we had Christmas with Grandma, she just about puked...

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nice work indeed! Great care with the details and pacing ...

Oh the horror, the horror, the horror of holiday meals. Only a snark can save us. Thank goodness -- twas a perfect find for out after-Xmas show. Thanks!

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Review of Christmas with Grandma

You achieved in two minutes what the film "The Ref" attempted to convey in almost two hours. And with sound only. Nicely done.

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Review of Christmas with Grandma

i think this is a fantastic little piece. i consider myself a pretty tough audience when it comes to public radio humor, but this story had me laughing at my desk. the rhythm of the piece really makes it work, and the writing is clever without being TOO clever or snarky. the producer allows the story's natural humor come through without overburdening it with jokes and asides. nice work, i say.