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My name is John Strader and I am the producer and host a radio program called Southwest Stages. Southwest Stages is produced in “the heart of the Southwest,” Albuquerque, New Mexico and since 2004 has been heard on over 60 radio stations in 15 states, and internationally in Mexico, Canada and the Philippine Islands.  Southwest Stages is the only radio program from our region that delivers diverse, live original music and interviews from performances recorded live at venues, concerts, theaters and outdoor Music festivals from around the Southwest.


Southwest Stages has been producing a weekly one-hour, music program since 2004 that follows a  series of unique formats that include single artist showcases, genera specials, festival compilations and more with guest interviewers and great live performances. We have been packing up our remote recording studio, and traveling around the Southwest to record at local venues and festivals since 1999.  This has allowed us to showcase a wide variety of events and communities and have helped to bring the art of live music back to our radio dial. Our program features music and interviews from a wide variety of musical styles and a large list of diverse genres of music are highlighted, including Blues, Jazz, Funk, Folk, Americana, Latino, Rock, Reggae, Native American, Cajun, World Music, Zydeco and more. 


Southwest Stages captures unique moments in time, timley comentary on events and new songs  that have never played before during these live performances and we seeksto share them with communities throughout the Southwest and beyond.  The program provides listening audiences with a cross-section of the types of musical artists who play or tour through our region. Our show features well-known artists traveling through the Southwest, as well as talented up and coming artists from the region who do not have an outlet to get their music heard on the radio.  We hope to stimulate listeners to get out and experience some of the amazing musical events featured here in the Southwest or in thier own area or town. 

Southwest Stages also has extensive experiance teaming up with local & public radio stations in producing live radio events as well. We have many multi-hour, multi-day live event broadcasts that have been simulcast on local and national radio stations all over the county on the PRSS and throughout the world on the web. Please check our website for more info.



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Southwest Stages is a weekly, one-hour live music specialty show that features music in a wide variety of styles, from Blues to Jazz, Funk to Folk, Americana to Country, Rock to Rhythm, Native to World music and more.


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An hour of Little Feat music recorded live at the Taos Solar Music festival, in Taos NM in 2001.

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An hour of music and interviews with Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers recorded live at the Rialto Theater in Tucson Arizona in 2006

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