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  • Location: Brooklyn, New York
StoryCorps is a national project to instruct and inspire people to record each others' stories in sound.

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Every day at StoryCorps booths across the country, ordinary people share extraordinary stories with friends and loved ones.

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Caption: Ghuan Featherstone and Jordan Humphreys at their StoryCorps interview in Los Angeles, California on December 15th, 2021., Credit: Maja Sazdic for StoryCorps
Ghuan Featherstone came to StoryCorps with his mentee Jordan Humphreys to talk about their shared love of horses and horseback riding.

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Caption: Philip and Ruth Lazowski on their wedding day, in 1955. , Credit: Courtesy of the Lazowski family.
Rabbi Philip Lazowski tells his wife Ruth about the stranger who saved him from the Nazis as a young boy, and how this fateful encounter would mark...

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Caption: United States Army veteran Maceo Snipes. He served in World War II, and was murdered shortly after returning home from service., Credit: Courtest of Raynita Snipes Johnson.
Raynita Snipes Johnson remembers her great-uncle, US Army veteran Maceo Snipes, a Black man lynched for voting in 1946.

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Luis Paulino and Angel Gonzalez talk about their shared experiences coming to the US from the Dominican Republic, and overcoming their challenges t...

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Temica Hunt came to StoryCorps with her mother, Neocothia Bowens-Robinson, to talk about their family’s multi-generation love of roller skating.

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Dorothy Salmon-Lindsay speaks with Rowan Allen, the EMT who saved her son’s life and inspired her to become a nurse.

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Jesus and Suzanne Valle reflect on their decision to take in children from families struggling with opioid addiction.

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Caption: The Action Tours protest at the Macy’s 34th St Store in NYC on Nov 29, 1991., Credit: Meryl Levin
On Black Friday 1991, AIDS activists protested the department store's refusal to rehire a Santa who had HIV. The man who inspired the protest recon...

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Caption: Carolyn DeFord poses with the Missing poster for her mother, Leona Kinsey, who went missing October 1999, at her StoryCorps interview on January 24, 2019 in Renton, WA., Credit: By Dupe Oyebolu for StoryCorps.
Carolyn DeFord shares how she carries her mother’s disappearance and the stories that give her comfort and hope in her healing journey.

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After facing a difficult coming out, one couple changed a mother’s heart

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