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Homelands Productions is an independent non-profit journalism cooperative specializing in radio features and documentaries. Its mission is to illuminate complex issues through compelling broadcasts, articles, books and educational forums, and to foster freedom of expression and creative risk through the media arts. Since its founding in 1990, Homelands has reported from 56 countries, produced seven major series for public radio, and won 22 national and international awards.


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3 Pieces

Documentaries and feature reports on social, economic, legal, and environmental issues from the US-Mexico border.

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2 Pieces

Groundbreaking series of documentaries chronicling the loss of land and culture among indigenous people and others across Latin America and the Caribbean.

Caption: Metal worker, Peru, Credit: Santiago Bustamante Mujica
29 Pieces

WORKING is a series of intimate, sound-rich profiles of workers in the global economy. It was broadcast as a special monthly feature on Marketplace Radio between 2007 and 2009. WORKING won the 2008 Sigma Delta Chi Award for Radio Feature Reporting from the Society of Professional Journalists.

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4 Pieces

International first-person documentaries reflecting perspectives of ordinary citizens, revealing human truths beneath the surface of daily events.

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31 Pieces

Worlds of Difference is a six-hour limited series that uses sound-rich features to explore the impact of global change on local cultures worldwide.


Caption: Mike Miller sings twice a week at the Hebrew Rehabilitation Center in Boston. At left is his grandson Ben.
Reporter Jon Miller celebrates his 83-year-old father, Mike, a retired schoolteacher who shares his zest for life with residents of a Boston nursin...

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Caption: Babu Hussein, Credit: Jashim Salam
Sandy Tolan profiles a 13-year-old laborer at one of Bangladesh's giant shipbreaking yards.

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Caption: Salina Kosgei, Credit: Stevie Mann
Jon Miller profiles the little-known Kenyan woman who won the 2009 Boston Marathon by less than one second.

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Caption: Brandon Davies, London, England, Credit: Robin Hunt
Sean Cole profiles an international banker living in London, both before and after the world banking crisis.

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Caption: Vicky Ponce, Mexico, Credit: Magdalena Gonzalez Othon
Ingrid Lobet profiles a woman who joined a group of unemployed middle-aged women to open an electronics recycling plant in northern Mexico.

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Caption: Alidad, Pakistan, Credit: Gregory Warner
Gregory Warner profiles a Pashtun man who smuggles Afghan refugees over the mountains into Iran.

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Caption: Hang Nga, Vietnam, Credit: Kelly McEvers
Kelly McEvers profiles a Vietnamese woman who works for a marriage agency that matches Korean men with Vietnamese brides.

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Caption: Svitlana Svystun, England, Credit: Robin Hunt
Sean Cole profiles a Ukrainian dancer who performs with in a Russian circus that tours the UK.

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Caption: Leandro Carvalho, Brazil, Credit: Petra Costa
Sandy Tolan profiles a member an anti-forced labor SWAT team whose job is to free slaves working in Brazil's iron, cattle and sugar cane industries.

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Caption: Fidele Musafiri, DR Congo, Credit: Thomas Rippe
Gregory Warner profiles a freelance miner in the lawless eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

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