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The American Homefront Project is reporting on military life and veterans issues. We're visiting bases to chronicle how American troops are working and living. We're meeting military families. We're talking with veterans -- in their homes, on their jobs, at school, at VA hospitals -- to learn about the challenges they face.

Support for the American Homefront Project comes from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, as part of CPB's ongoing effort to expand coverage of local, regional, and national issues. Additional support comes from our partner public radio stations -- North Carolina Public Radio-WUNC, Texas Public Radio, KPBS-San Diego, KCUR-Kansas City, and WSHU-Fairfield, Conn.


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In commemoration of Veteran’s Day, the American Homefront Project collaborated with the PBS documentary series "American Veteran" to profile men and women who have served in the U.S. military.


Caption: Carlandra "CT" Moss, now retired, served 24 years in the Army. As a service member of color, she said she often had to make tough decisions, weighing the best interests of her family against her military career., Credit: Anthony Bell / Fort Lee Traveller
The report from Blue Star Families found some service members are passing up career-advancing moves because they don't want to relocate to certain ...

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Caption: Lara and Trey Garey stand at the bedside of Tom Garey, an Air Force veteran with advanced ALS. 19-year-old Trey has spent much of his teenage years caring for his father at their home in Cedar Park, Texas., Credit: Carson Frame / American Homefront
More than two million American children and teenagers live with a wounded or ill veteran. Many help with the veteran's care and face challenges lik...

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Caption: Amanda Eldridge, a certified occupational therapist assistant, works with a veteran at the state-run St. James Veterans Home in St. James, Missouri., Credit: Brian Munoz / St. Louis Public Radio
Labor shortages exacerbated by the pandemic have left facilities around the country with empty beds, even though veterans are on waiting lists hopi...

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Caption: Air Force Tech Sgt. Franklin Cordon, left, changes a COVID patient’s bed linens with nurse assistant Isabel Coacha at Yuma Regional Medical Center in Arizona., Credit: Richard Barnes / U.S. Army
Under an order from President Biden, the Pentagon is deploying a thousand troops to help hospitals that are experiencing a surge in patients and ha...

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Caption: Sailors man the rails on the flight deck of USS Abraham Lincoln as it deploys Jan. 3 from San Diego., Credit: Jett Morgan / U.S. Navy
Strict restrictions aboard Navy ships - put in place after a major COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 - have been eased, as the Navy tries to balance safety...

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Caption: Vietnam Veteran Jim Scott, who now volunteers for the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network, shared his story at the 2018 Bladder Cancer Think Tank. Scott attributes his disease to his exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam., Credit: Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network
Veterans suffering from certain medical conditions became eligible for "presumptive" VA disability benefits last year. But the claims they're filin...

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Caption: More than 100 incarcerated veterans attend a ribbon-cutting ceremony in May 2021 for one of the nation's largest prison units dedicated exclusively to former service members. The veterans hub in Soledad, California is designed to provide unique rehabilita, Credit: California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
California incarcerates nearly 7,000 military veterans scattered throughout 34 different prisons. Now, the state is planning to house them together...

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Caption: Female Marine Corps recruits line up during boot camp at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, California. The first class of female recruits arrived at San Diego in 2021, ending almost a hundred years when the boot camp accepted only men., Credit: Steve Walsh / American Homefront
Congress dropped a controversial measure that would require women to register for the Selective Service. Men are required to register once they tur...

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Caption: The governor of Texas is continuing to ramp up his controversial border security initiative. Texas National Guard troops have been deployed to Mexican border to help law enforcement agents arrest migrants who enter U.S. illegally.   As Carson Frame report, Credit: Carson Frame / American Homefront
Texas Governor Greg Abbott continues to ramp up his controversial border security initiative. The state has sent troopers and National Guard member...

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Caption: George Pettigrew leads a virtual Reader's Theater event for Kansas City veterans. Among those who read their original works Heather Smoot, who served in the Air Force., Credit: Missouri Humanities
In Kansas City, the Moral Injury Association of America sponsors a writing group that’s worked with thousands of veterans and family members since ...

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