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A podcast featuring documentary stories and investigations of people’s relationship to the law. Take a listen.

We feature a new episode every other Tuesday morning on the Panoply Network of Podcasts (from Slate). Visit our website Life of the Law for more information about our project, our team and our live storytelling events. You can email us with story pitches, suggestions, and feedback at


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127 Pieces

A podcast offering documentary stories and investigations of people's relationship to the law.


Caption: Carmen Ward has been an inmate in San Quentin’s Adjustment Center for seven years, Credit: Nancy Mullane
What do we really know about death row in California? When we don’t know we create, we imagine.

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Red Hook is an isolated neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, once known as the “crack capital of America.” In 2000, residents banded together to create a ...

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You’ve just been arrested, charged with a felony and can’t afford to pay your bail, let alone hire a lawyer. You know you have the right to a trial...

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Is the law ever a laughing matter? We present to you a brief history of attempted comedy in the toughest room in the country—the Supreme Courtroom.

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The riverbank is a public space open for everyone. But people do not always agree on how to best spend a hot summer day.

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In California, there are hundreds if not thousands of people practicing criminal law though they’ve never passed a bar exam. They don’t wear suits....

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Juries have a little known power that allows them to ignore the law and vote with their own instincts. This piece explores how juries have used tha...

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