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Welcome to melodically challenged . Our weekly radio show plays the best in contemporary poetry, traditional and avant-garde poetry, and alternative music revolving around a theme. melodically challenged : where yesterday's poetry comes alive and today's poetry rocks!


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Welcome to melodically challenged podcasts for radio! We will upload shows to PRX weekly from Spring throughout the Summer. Our themes cover everything from bugs to Mothers to cars, and saving the world through the United Nations Sustainability Goals. We broadcast the best poetry being written today from the Academy of American Poets, and other audio archives. melodically challenged, where yesterday's poetry comes alive and today's poetry rocks!

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Welcome to melodically challenged! In this series we’re honored to present a poetry-infused overview of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals:  “a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet.” Each show will cover one of the 17 goals the U.N. has determined can save the planet featuring poetry from The Academy of American Poets and and you’ll hear music from around the world, because we’re saving the world! On melodically challenged, where yesterday’s poetry comes alive and today’s poetry rocks!

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Welcome to the summer edition of melodically challenged! We've chosen some of our favorite shows from the past year appropriate to the season to bring you the best poetry and music being written today.