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Latitude News is taking a fresh approach to international reporting by listening first to the U.S. community. We live in a global world, and Latitude News unearths local angles in global stories. We are also a new source for outstanding "radio" - our text stories incorporate audio segments that reporters record in the field. We use audio to add depth to a story, to tell a parallel narrative or to let people simply speak for themselves without a filter.

Below you'll find our monthly podcast series, Latitude News , hosted by Dan Moulthrop and distributed by PRX! We're looking for public radio partners with a slot to fill in their regular programming (who doesn't?). Click on a story to listen or to download a shortened version (~5 minutes) ready to air on your show or station. Latitude will deliver a reliable monthly segment guaranteed to introduce your listeners to the world in their backyard. Write Jack Rodolico at jack at latitudenews dot com to talk about a partnership. Happy listening!



Caption: Yasmine Gustafsson
Bullying isn't an American phenomenon. In Sweden, a federally-appointed bullying ombudsman will sue a school district for not sheltering students f...

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