GroupAccount image's web and television platforms offer curated documentary / non-fiction content from a range of emerging voices, established content creators and audience contributors. Organized around themes, includes feature-length documentaries, short videos, video blogs, podcasts, audio slideshows, stories of the day, works-in-progress and other innovative content.

On occasion, we will work directly with a producer who has audio slideshows and other visual material that complement an audio piece (thus making the piece a potential candidate to appear on broadcast as well on the website). If you have an audio slideshow – or would like to make one based on content that you have previously created – please contact us via our site. We are also looking to establish longer-term relationships with regular contributors who can produce short, thematically relevant, multi-platform content.

Based out of WGBH Boston,’s companion television channel, WORLD TV, features award winning and dynamic content ranging from news and current events, science, investigative reports, history, nature, stories about the environment, social documentaries, and programming designed to coincide with the website's themes. Connect events with epiphanies, the literal with the figurative, objective information with the human experience, and share it all at