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A one-hour documentary special intricately woven from interviews, readings and original music about how breast cancer has affected the lives of wom...

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Caption: Katharine's pre-chemo haircut., Credit: Peter Konerko
Katharine Gibson was not expecting to be diagnosed with breast cancer. Through her struggle to beat the disease and complete her treatment, the shi...

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Learan lost his wife to breast cancer a year ago. Now he is a single parent to two boys. This portrait is about love, loss and moving on.

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This intimate, award-winning audio diary documents a young mother's year-long battle with breast cancer.

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Women writers reading their own works about how breast cancer affects their body image

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Caption: Gertrude Nakigudde, Credit: Joanne Silberner
American reporter Joanne Silberner compares her experience with breast cancer to what happened to a Ugandan woman.

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