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Three hundred years ago this Easter, Europeans landed on what they called "Easter Island," and ever since, the statues there have been a mystery. B...

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Feeling rundown, tired, and otherwise uninspired? Spring and Easter are the seasons of renewal and refreshment. This week on Wind & Rhythm, we have...

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As far as the Christian Church is concerned, Easter is the biggest event ever. I have seen the festival of the resurrection from many perspectives ...

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From the great Bach’s hand, two masterpieces of church theater survive. Both tell the trial and crucifixion of Jesus, one from the gospel of Matthe...

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Here's a great hour to run during the Easter season -- or during the New Orleans Jazz Fest. The Zion Harmonizers are rooted in the quartet singin...

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Caption: Chicks on the farm, Credit: Muriel Murch
From America's White House to the small farms and families in the country spring and new beginnings are in the air.

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Caption: Ramallah, Credit: JW
Never before aired! PRX exclusive! A personal tour through the Holy Land, looking at how the conflict started and what it's like today between Jeru...

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Caption: Courtesy of T. Demand, Credit: (cc) <a href="">T. Demand</a>
The stories behind popular Easter traditions like the Easter Bunny and decorating eggs.

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Determining the dates of Easter and Passover led directly to our modern calendar.

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4 minute weekly binge of musical rarities, oddities and classics. This time pop hits from the Good Book, with Sister Janet Mead, The Byrds and Wink...

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Retired American Presbyterian missionary Barry Alter explains, in India, how the Easter story convinced her that Christianity wasn't about converti...

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Storyteller Mary Van Pelt remembers shopping for a special dress, her fear of the big city, and receiving gentle guidance and love from her Grandmo...

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The Easter season, and the music it inspires, combine tragedy and triumph, sorrow and celebration—joining with the coming of spring as a symbol of ...

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