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Search for meaning of a friends suicide.

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Caption: Skyway Bridge
From a bridge famous for suicide jumps, the story of one lucky survivor and how a broken neck and collapsed lung made him a new man.

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Caption: Joe Vulopas, Aevidum, Credit: Pennsylvania State Education Association
High school teacher Joe Vulopas has a conversation with his son J.J., a recent high school graduate, about the academic and social pressures young ...

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In most families, mental health can be a taboo topic. But not in the House family. Jeff and Tenley’s relationship is not your usual father and daug...

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My friend Brian and I sat on a bench one night and talked about why he tried to kill himself. He eventually succeeded. (My first Radio story, 2001)

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The gun control debate often centers around homicides and the fear of someone else with a gun. However, attention is rarely paid to the link betwee...

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A portrait of the long, dark tunnel of the suicidal mind

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a portrait of the long dark tunnel of the suicidal mind

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