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Review of The Promise of Hydrogen - two parts

This is a good piece about the potential and problems with hydrogen, as seen through the eyes of the tiny island country of Iceland. Iceland is pushing to convert from fossil fuels and thereby reap the benefits of a) not relying on fossil fuels b) being the one who did it first. Personally, I'm all for it. Countries like Iceland or states like California like to be cutting edge and take the considerable risks the edge requires.

I thought this piece was a little too much like me, the listener. I would rather root for them instead of being led to do so. This piece seemed tied closely to journalism and wasn't a loose, goofy piece. Therefore the more straightforward tone left less room for the shades of ... I don't want to say bias, but that, a little.

This isn't to say the piece is any less of a winner, and it shouldn't mean that a PD should pass it up. I still thought it was well done and certainly interesting. I wonder what kind of problems we'd have with the Middle East, or if we'd care at all, if Iceland pulls it off. Does Iceland worry about terrorism to shut down the hydrogen so the oil must still flow? Questions, maybe, for a future show.