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Review of H20

Good writing, acting and sound effects add up to an entertaining and though-provoking look at our possible future. Like the best the ideas of such SCI-FI visionaries as Huxley, Wells, and Verne, "H20" creates its own world, a world complete enough to make us wonder if this is our fate.

A bit heavy on narration and with an opening setup that could have been cut in half, the story's potential for preachiness is leavened by a light touch that manifests itself in brief moments of punctuated humor.

The characters are just interesting enough to raise the level of the writing above the "horse opera" style SCI-FI futurism typical of, say, "Star Trek" and even "Star Wars," and its many lesser off-spring. I would like to see even more attention paid to character interaction that extends beyond the advancement of the plot or the occasional joke.

Overall, this is some of the better SCI-FI radio I've heard in a long time.