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Review of Sounds of the Suburbs

This soundscape could serve as "Exhibit A" for those in favor of the suburbanization of America. Kids run around unfettered by adult supervision, someone slices wood with a saw, a car door opens and one hears the sound of a friendly beep, a shopper visits a grocery store ("Would you like paper or plastic?") and the piece concludes, just as it opens, with the sounds of crickets in the quiet night. Only the hum of faraway Interstate traffic can be hear in the distant background.

In short, I liked it!

However, about three minutes in, I found myself looking at the clock wondering how much longer the piece would run. Some impatient listeners (and program/news directors) might prefer a shorter piece or multiple, shorter pieces focused on specific activities (kids playing, grocery shopping, etc.)

Having said that, I'm going to recommend the piece to the producers of a documentary/soundscape show I host on my local community radio station.