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Review of Memorial

Since I joined AIR Media within the last year, I've seen the emails and heard about the reputation of Dmae Roberts. As I get a little deeper into what one might call the PRX community, I saw this piece and decided to listen.

Two things stood out immediately. The first was Dmae's voice. Unaffected and clear, I found it very easy to listen to and authentic. The second was the overall production. The writing was concise and the way the degenerating voice of her mother told the story through voice mail messages was extremely effective. Dmae has achieved a level of mastery that we may be in danger of losing given the state of commercial radio and the tendency of NPR to emulate it.

It must have been hard to create this piece, but it is one I will not forget soon. I hope I can create something as moving when my Mother dies. Dmae's reputation is well-deserved.