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Review of Pre Adopt Mom

This is a wonderfully touching piece. My wife and I are foster parents and plan to adopt soon, and we can relate well to this woman's experience. The part that hit me particularly hard was the part where if a child is placed for adoption and then the parent changes her mind, they have to give up the child. It was described as being like a death, and it is. It is something that is very difficult but is done every day in this country. Foster children are put through so much and their lives are so confusing, that I'm thankful that Pre Adopt Mom is doing what she is doing. Those little baby's should know nothing less than total love from day 1.

This piece has good natural sound and is paced well. It would have been good to hear from her bio-children (depending on their ages) and her husband, but it didn't necessarily detract from the piece and could have made it too long.