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Review of No Email from Oaxaca

It’s a window onto such a small, mundane moment, but still, within it, there is a feeling of an abyss being crossed. The reading style is quiet. It doesn’t over dramatize and over-reach. It is personal in the best sense, in that it communicates a sense of Adam’s personality. I hope I’m not spoiling anything by quoting to you the last line of the piece. I don’t think that I am: “He was a nice man but if I saw him again I probably wouldn’t have recognized him or his wife.” How often does a story on the radio end that way? I’d say not often, but stories end like that all the time in real life. It’s nice to hear something like that owed up to. It is honest and well written with echoes of Scott Carrier. It isn't newsy and there is no grand point, but it does make you feel less alone in the city.