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Review of Homeschooling Dance Party

Great sociology lesson. You learn a lot. But as a radio piece ... To my ear, it's a bit too much me, me, me (the reporter, that is). My thoughts. My impressions. They gather around me and shout out answers to my questions. As a listener, personally I'd much rather hear the kids. I didn't hear two kids speaking in a row until 4:30 into the piece. Then there's the section with Josh, the kid who wants to go to public school so he can meet girls. Let me hear Josh, please. Why does the reporter tell the whole story? I can see doing that in a newspaper feature, but the great thing about radio is you can capture someone's voice and, with it, their emotions and let THAT tell the story. This is a valuable slice of life that few of us know. I wish I could have experienced it with less of a wall put up between me and the individuals covered.