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Review of From Anarchy to the Ballot Box: Punx for Dean

This is a standard, public radio news piece that offers one scintilla-more of information about the young people who back Howard Dean, over-and-above what you probably already know. I have to say that what struck me most was: For a piece about people who are devoted to passionate, energetic music, there could have been more passion and energy. There's one nice piece of tape with a woman giving a pep talk to the Punx For Dean and she sounds as if she’s near tears because she is so excited that that people drove all that way to help out (she may be the same passionate woman who appears at the top of the piece, but neither woman is ever identified). But all the other people interviewed have a sort of flat, matter-of-fact delivery. To me they sound bored. Maybe they're just exhausted from campaigning, but they just came across as flat. Also, the clips of live music sound like they were recorded from a spot very far away from the speakers. That also diminishes the energy. This is a good start, but could use the hand of a firm editor.