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Review of What it Takes to be a Good Citizen

Two women who want to be like each other, but aren't. One is an uber mom, the other an uber political volunteer. Each could spend a little more time doing what the other does, diversify.

One doesn't do politics, the other doesn't do PTA or school plays. Both, the show closes, you would like as neighbors.

This piece transcends politics, it's a good mindset piece and could fit in a variety of settings... soccer moms, busy American lives. I was listening to Fresh Air interview from 1999 today and the subject (Andre Dubus III) read from a book he wrote part of it was how Americans were like little kids, forever looking for the next distraction, unable to sit back, relax and think "wow, look at what I have, and how blessed I am." I see that in this piece, and I see the irony that the uber mom trusts that someone else will take care of that political stuff. It seems implied that this is a bad thing to trust, but in the next frame, there is the political volunteer doing just that, going overboard in politics and bailing the rest of us out, being worthy of our trust, as long as we are on the same side of the fence.