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Review of Meaning of Life Show: Episode 1 - Music

This show was well done. I like the sweet voice of the female host, Fiona, and the theme is excellent. I think the whole thing or some parts would fit a lot of shows and formats, anything to do with music.

One question was something like 'do you think you could enjoy life without music' and the answer was no. I agree with the answer. No, you couldn't enjoy life without it, it's essential. I think a section presenting a theory on what life might be like without music would have been great, too, but this piece wasn't missing anything.

I've heard stories that homesteaders used to buy songbirds to have on the lonely homestead just for the sounds. Otherwise, there was nothing to hear besides the occasional gust of wind, certainly no music besides that made by the homesteader and the sounds of their work. The husband and kids were working on the field, there was no creek nearby, few if any farm animals. The silence sometimes maddened them. Imagine that problem in our noise-polluted world, often maddening for the opposite reason. The mice section of this piece was interesting. The Heavy Metal Mice didn't do well. Gained weight, didn't like each other. Was it because it was in a minor key often found in HM, or was it the loudness?

I don't know if a lot of the popular songs I heard in the background have are licensed, that might need to addressed, too.

I surfed to Scott's web site and found that he produces personal multi-media biographies, which is an awesome idea. I just had to say that. Imagine the great-grandkids having a DVD to watch to learn about their grandparents (better buy a spare DVD player to save for them, too, in 10 years they'll be obsolete, of course).