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Review of First Menstruation Stories

As a man, I'm not sure I should have listened to it. But, I'm going to have my 13 year old daughter listen to it. Personally, I don't know if I'd want to hear this during, say, ME or TAL. Sorry, it's just me. I'm not offended or anything.

I do think it would help young girls during a scary time. Youth Radio (like the WMPG show) is obviously perfect for it, but also as some sort of chruch or school talk about bodies and getting older. This sort of intimate storytelling would be good. A video wouldn't be able to convey the information, be intimate, but not freak people out.

Misery loves company, and some of these first time stories sound like they fit that bill. An uncle shopping with you, running races, out-of-the-country. I'd almost give my daughter a computer for her bedroom just so she could listen to Blunt Radio on the internet on her own time.