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Review of Housekeeping: Behind the Scenes

Only disturbing because I don't want to know so much about how unclean hotels are! Deaths?! I'm gonna buy an RV.

The Gideon Bible thing is pretty interesting.

Overall, I love pieces like this. I want to do a regular series of people's jobs that I want to sound just like this. You know what -- everyone has an interesting job. The most interesting ones are the ones I don't know much about. This piece takes it down a very nice avenue, to where the employee talks not only about her job, but about how things work and of what to be careful.

Where can this fit? Well, anytime 20/20 airs one of those Dirty Hotel shows would work. Or, at the beginning of a vacation season. Best of all, some show should do a regular "At Work" series and air pieces like this once-per-week.