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Review of Homeschooling Dance Party

My wife and I are planning to home school our 4-year-old. Not positive, but leaning toward it. We have two older children who are basically A students in 4th & 8th grade. We don't really have anything to avoid, nothing we truly hate, but, it's something we want to do.

"We all turn out alright" is a good theme in this piece. I've thought that about adults, too. Sure, some are bad, some are good, some work at the DMV. But, with all the different ways you can raise a kid, basically all of them work okay. I'm just as well-adjusted -- good or bad -- as most of my friends. One was raised in Pittsburgh, one in Bogota, one in Paris, one in Mexico, one in Reno, etc. We all turned out.

So, is home schooling better than regular school? I know both of my kids excel in certain areas they really care about, but just get by in those that they don't. They still are taught the same things as everyone else, everyone who has a different interest or ability. There are good points. How do you know if you'll like math if you don't try math? What about science? School is good for that. But, once you find out what you like, if you do, school is a horrible waste of time. There should be a balance.

Gosh, this is a review! I liked it, I did. Would I have wrote all that other stuff if I didn't? I went back and chose "Thoughtful" for my first Tone, because it made me think again. Interviewee Josh didn't seemed programmed either for or against anything, and that's the kid I want. Someone who is free, and can and will make up his own mind.