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Review of Two-Minute Danger Theater 06: The Voice "Death Stalks at Midnight" Ch 6

I really like these, I think the writing is funny and it's produced to fit the writing (same person?)

I would like to hear this series on my local radio station. Problem is, it doesn't fit the "public radio sound," which I understand is liked and desired by many, if not most, of the people who currently listen to public radio. I'm not one of those. I'm a "public" though, and I'd like to hear these on my station.

Most of the stuff sounds the same every day, too polished and too slow. Mix it up!

I'm betting that if you have some reason to aim a radio show at people under 34, this would be a good bump segment. Even better, use it as a funding drive segment, and call the producer for an interview, too. You could play these during the funding drive in hopes of getting some pledges from the 34 & under crowd (which, would include me).

Does anyone produce content specifically tailored to funding drives? If so, this would fit in there.