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Review of An Anatomy of Humanity

I remember watching the events unfold on television -- I had no radio in the hotel room my family was crammed into while our new home was being fumigated -- and saw two firefighters emerge from the dust of the collapsing first tower, turn to each other and hug, right there on camera, not even realizing they were on camera. I cried when the first building began to fall, and I cried when I saw these two burly men crying and hugging, knowing they'd come _this close_.

That's the feeling I get from this piece. I like to hear new formats, but sometimes a good, straight-forward commentary hits home just as well. This piece reminds me a lot of that day in the hotel room, when we woke up and saw the events. There was a lot of shock, much more grief, but some relief and, for some who made it out alive, joy.

This piece should be played any time they are talking about Sept 11, but I'd like to hear it in mid-spring, when you aren't expecting it. It will ring louder then, when separated from the rest.