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Review of "A Tour of the Crystal River"

Water quality is an important issue, and the interviewees in this story are obviously knowledgeable about the subject. It was an excellent topic pick. I would suggest choosing one problem facing the river and those who care for it: perhaps focus on just the constraint of the river by the road, or just the impact of development on water quality, or just the threats to the riparian areas. Something that might help for future projects is the ‘focus statement’: you find the “main character” of your story, and frame the issue as “someone doing something for a reason”. It’s difficult to make it that narrow, but the technique ensures that your piece is telling a story. Choose a specific topic within your bank of problems facing the river, and cut some of the interview sound clips (I know the feeling of wanting to include all the good stuff they said!) It might be cool to add the sound from the river itself– at the beginning and end especially. These are good interviews on an interesting issue– the next challenge would be to find the most important problem, and tell that story.