Piece Comment

Review of I'm Not Emo

Culture, social norms, and the impact on a person; this piece dishes out all of those things. The piece flows well and is able to keep the attention of the listener (it does not feel like nine minutes!). For the most part, sound clips and audio are properly introduced at key places, allowing for a better understanding of the message. This piece appears to be a combination of two central ideas: social norms vs. somebody different, and an in-depth discussion of the African-American culture. These two powerful ideas come out well in the piece, but can leave the listener confused as to the focus of the overall feature. The feature feels more like a combination of two strong pieces rather than a continuous one. Also, there is not a lot of direct connections made between the two central ideas, however this provides an opportunity for a listener to come to his/her own conclusions about the ideas presented in the peace. Overall, I walk away feeling more knowledgeable about a different culture, but I still do have questions as to what the narrator thinks about these issues. The piece is a good introduction for somebody who wants to provoke discussion about culture that is related to African-Americans or youth.