Piece Comment

To walk or not to walk?

I feel that this piece starts off very strong for the first half, and it has some very powerful energy in it. The narrator's tone changes throughout the start of the piece. This really makes it seem as if a listener is hearing a person and not a robot. I really wish the author had maintained this change of tone, because at certain points the piece does seem to become monotone. As opposed to focusing on America as a whole, I would've preferred if the narrator had spent more time on Texas. The fact that she generalizes America makes it feel a little bit awkward listening to this piece, especially since I live in a city that does do a lot of walking (the narrator makes it seem as if all of America doesn't do much walking). Despite this minor flaw the piece does have a very good flow, and it does a good job of showing the teenage perspective on greener ways of traveling. The overall best thing about this piece is how the narrator at points seems to come alive in the piece that really makes it stand out. This piece is good for a location that lacks good public transportation or for an event designed to motivate people to walk. However, I feel that if a listener was located in a city where people walk a lot, this may sound a little bit awkward to them.