Piece Comment

Starts with a problem, then becomes a sales pitch, strong finish.

I like how this piece opens up by presenting the problem and the possible solution. This piece is slightly informative on the benefits of green roofs. However, I feel that the piece overall diverges from its original meaning. My interpretation is that this piece was meant to explain how green roofs are able to fix the runoff problem. However, near the end of the piece, it seems to become more of an advertisement for green roofs in general. This isn't necessarily bad, but it takes away from the overall clarity of the piece. The narrator is a little bit monotone throughout the piece. I wish that he had thrown a little bit of himself into the piece (or at least some music). This would have been key especially since he had so many humorous interviews, but most of the facts came from the narrator himself. One concern I have for this piece is that it seems to make some assertions without any factual proof. For example, the narrator talks about how green roofs reflect heat, but then he says that it will keep a house warmer in the winter. The broad assumptions (or the lack of explanations) near the end of the piece just seem to take away from the interest I originally had about the runoff problem. This is overall a good piece for somebody who is explaining green roofs alongside the piece. On a more positive note the piece has a very strong ending that I found to be very interesting. It goes to show you that green roofs might be found where you least expect them!