Piece Comment

Review of Horned lizards of our nation's Air Force

The words "war" and "environment" are not usually found in the same sentence, unless the phrase "is not helpful for" is in between them. Through this piece, Jordan presents a positive aspect of the military by showing the listener a base’s commitment to preserving the environment. Jordan takes a listener alongside him into the field, with a few experts, to discover some curious horned creatures. Throughout this process, there was a good range of sound that really made me feel as if I was right there alongside him. It felt like being a modern explorer! After listening to this piece, I wanted to find an image of a horned lizard just to see what Jordan was really looking at. The people at this base gain more than just a positive feeling from helping their surroundings. Jordan emphasizes this at the end as he lets the expert's tell how preserving the base's environment has benefited the troops at home.