Piece Comment

Review of Change My World

The opening audio in this piece is a little bit loud, the first few seconds can be confusing, and this can give the false impression that the rest of the piece is going to be shaky as well, however it’s not. Through an elegant mastery of words Steph takes any listener through a thought-provoking journey that may leave you wandering what is your role in the large environmental movement. Throughout this piece Steph hops between her own inner revelations, and a variety of interviews at different locations that can leave a listener wondering, and may even force a chuckle or two. Although, it is easily inferable how she draws her final conclusions in her inner revelations there is a small lack of clarity in her opinion that makes me wonder how she finally came to these conclusion herself. It’s this lack of analytical points that although, make this piece a little bit detached from the creator, create many opportunities for thoughts from any listener. Steph seems to put a signpost during her second revelation as she introduces music in the background, and I can infer that this was one of the more important statements she wanted to make through this piece. Over-all, despite a minor lack of clarity, there is a good flow to this piece that allows a listener to step back and see the tri-step thinking process that Steph goes through until she finally has discovered her role in the movement.