Piece Comment

Killing is the New Fighting Strikes a Chord

The youth produced piece "Killing is the New Fighting" by Youth Radio, discusses how people nowadays choose to use a gun instead of their fist. The producers interview three seemingly urban inner-city youth, who seem to know what they are talking about because they discuss true facts regarding how nowadays people are scared to fight, and consequently use a gun. This gun makes people feel like a man or unstoppable. The interviewees discuss the reasons why they see this shift has occurred. For example: people kill to make a name for themselves; it's easier to just get rid of problems, or they are just scared to fight. Sadly, sometimes people kill instead of fighting because they might have just bought expensive new clothes and shoes that they don't want to ruin, so they use a gun to end the problem quickly. Additionally, the producers choose the perfect song for this piece. "So Many Tears" by 2-Pac, is a good song for this piece because he raps about losing so many friends to violence. The tone is appropriate for the serious subject matter. All in all, the producers chose to talk about a relevant subject in a genuine way and the result was on point.