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Falling into the Ocean

Imagine living on the edge of a cliff. Constantly knowing that at any moment you could tip over the edge into an abyss. “Climate change in Shishmaref Alaska” addresses living with that gut wrenching feeling every day. It has excellent discourse between two native kids of Shishmaref. Their authentic voices tell the story in a pragmatic and informative way. While the pace at times could have aided by cutting down some repetitive information, one never feels bored or lectured. Community is the call word of this radio piece. You get a strong feel for the village and their customs. The unique point of view of the youth combines both a startling realism on the situation and a yearning for their lives in Shimaref to go back to the way they were during their elder’s times. As Shishmaref is the “poster child” for the climate change issue this is a new perspective on a well-known tale.